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Art Cat Home: Welcome

Welcome to Art Cat.

Add art to your world.

Our days are busy and often times the beauty around us can easily be missed. Throughout the day and during our routines, take time to enjoy each step with some art to brighten your world.

Enter the World of Art Cat. 

New Home! Check us out at the Painted Tree, 1624 Laskin Road, Suite 748, next to Fresh Market, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 

 Art Cat is located in F-8!

Art Cat Home: About Us

About Us

Art Cat was created to showcase art work and for the ease of purchase. Instead of going to a gallery to find the right painting or a store for a print, browse the gallery at your leisure, to purchase unique artwork that makes you happy. Find a unique gift for yourself, a friend or a loved one. Nothing could be better than giving and receiving a special gift of art. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Monique McWhite

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Featured art paintings for sale

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